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Nythe Saturday Academy

The aim of the Saturday Academy is to: - Encourage parents and carers to support their children throughout primary school and to celebrate the significant role parents and carers play in their child’s learning experiences.

Each term the school will be open on a Saturday morning for families to come and enjoy learning together.

Nythe have recently explored their good practice relating to various aspects of parental involvement, of which the Learning Tree is part, during an enquiry walk with Ronnie Woods of the National College of School Leadership.

Workshop Structure

bulletWorkshops are open to all children, parents, grandparents and carers.
bulletThey normally take place on a Saturday morning with sessions between 9.00 and 12.00 during term time and are free. Sessions last from 2 -3 hours.
bulletChildren are accompanied by an adult and for your enjoyment it is suggested a maximum of two children to one adult. (brothers and sisters at secondary school are welcome to attend). • Adults attending must be aged 16 and over.
bulletWorkshops range from arts and crafts to science and technology. No previous knowledge is expected.
bulletAs well as the hands on activities with the children, parents and carers are offered, if they wish, to join in some short practical sessions ranging from ‘Building Confidence’ to ‘Anger Management.’
bulletBreakfast is always on offer!

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If you would like to learn more about creating a learning community please email sue@learning-tree.org.uk or click here to contact us.

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