The Great Egg Hunt


The Great Egg Hunt


Itís the journey, not the destinationí.  How many times have your heard this?  I have heard this three times in recent weeks.  Firstly, when Jim and I were lucky enough to visit the school we work with in Singapore, Shuqun Primary where we learnt of the pressure children are under to succeed.   Secondly, when I was being self critical and not enjoying  playing a new piece of jazz music on my clarinet, and thirdly when I was feeling a failure for not being slim and fit.    

As parents we are often anxious about our children passing a test, getting it right and getting the exams to go on to the next stage.  As children we often think just about the reward.  The new bike we may have been promised if we pass the SATS tests.  The chocolate we might get if we are good. 

 But, if you think about it the fact that we have a piece of paper that says we have passed an exam or just having a bike or eating lots of chocolate  is not satisfying in itself.  What is satisfying is the journey we take to get the exam, the bike or the chocolate or in my case the fun of playing a musical instrument or the enjoyment of walking in the spring sunshine.

 That journey can be  a challenge.  We have to use all our learning skills.  We have to be resilient, bounce back if it doesnít go how we wanted it to.  We have to help others, share with them our ideas and skills and in return we gain from others.  If it does go wrong we have to be resourceful  and think of another route another way to solve the problem.  Finally, we have to reflect upon the journey we have made, learn from it, enjoy it and have fun!            

 This workshop comprises three exciting activities.  Firstly, the challenge is to make your own compass. Not as difficult as you think. 

Then with the help of your compass you are going on an Egg huntóoutside !   Dress up warm.  It might be raining.  Your mission is to follow the instructions and the map, read the clues and collect the egg tokens from the six locations.

Once you have completed the hunt you need to collect your reward in an Easter egg basket.    There are some great ideas on the Internet.  Search for Easter Egg baskets and learn how to weave.

 Finally, we nearly forgot, collect your chocolate Easter eggs and enjoy them with your family.


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