Adult IT Workshop


Adult IT Workshop

An open evening was held and literature distributed to encourage parents to attend a subsequent series of IT workshops.

Target Audience

Those who don't have a computer at home but would like to know more and then move on to use the public access points within the wider local community such as email-cafes and the library internet points..

Those who know nothing about IT and want to catch up with their children!

Those who know a little and want to learn more.

Those who have specific areas they want to brush up on.

Those who have purchased the ECDL course last year but find it's collecting dust on the shelf.

Those who want to know how to surf the internet or use email


Courses are free to participants and run at a time targeted to allow access to parents.

A children's drama workshop is run in conjunction with this event to facilitate child care.

The courses use the IT facilities within the school.


Promotes wider learning opportunities available at the local college

If participants achieve qualifications the school will get a financial donation from Wiltshire College.

The children will get parents who can help them with their learning



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