The Big Bang


The Big Bang


At the end of last year Jim and I were lucky enough to participate in a workshop on creativity ran by Ayd Instone. Ayd specialises in showing people just how creative they are.  In his book, ‘Ding’ - How to have a great idea—That will change your life he says, Creativity is not something you have or don’t have.  Its all something we have the ability for.  Creativity is not something we are born with or not born with.  The level of your creativity is not something that can be determined by some test.  95% of children aged between 2-4 are highly creative with curious questioning minds.  Overtime we lose this as we learn to conform and  learn to suppress ideas and insights that are unusual or different through fear of standing out or failure.  But the ‘things out there’ that people believe hold them back from greatness are often assumptions we make and untruths that we are taught.

 We are all so frightened of failure or being unloved, or not good enough, so we keep our heads down, instead of pushing down those imaginary boundaries and having a go.  However, we do need some boundaries in the form of skills and knowledge .  For example, a painter needs to know the boundaries of a canvas or a sculptor needs to know the size of the stone.

We need to see the edges so that we know what space we have to operate in, otherwise we can become stressed.   We also need boundaries to push against, to see just how creative we can get.

We have been able to invite Kaya drumming to work with us today.  To help us step out of our imaginary boundaries; to give us some skills with which to get really creative; and to unite us to push the boundaries and to create the biggest sound we can together.

Kaya Drumming pride themselves on enabling groups to create unity through expression which put simply, is to have great fun making a great big sound together.

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