John Bentley Family Day


Shoot at Learning - June 2006

The day was very well attended with around 150 families pre-registering an interest and additional families turning up on the day.

Below are some photos of the event, click on each thumbnail to see a larger image.

Digital Photography

Art Attack

Car maintenance

Healthy Cooking

Willow Workshop

Mini Footballers

Jewellery Workshop

CD Tanks

Families discovered that skills are the same for winning the world cup as they are for learning together.

'Shoot at Learning' enabled adults and children in CALNE and the surrounding area to experience for free different learning opportunities as a family. As a result, an awareness of the importance parents and carers play in supporting children in their learning was gained through fun, hands on activities. At the same time adults had an opportunity to see what learning opportunities were on offer from other learning providers in the area.

 The event was managed as part of the Extended Schools Programme run at John Bentley. The day was themed around the idea that skills our World Cup team use to win are the same skills that we need to be successful learners.  The day focused on Risk Taking, Problem solving and Communicating.  Whether you wanted to kick off with a workshop, have a shot at a session or your goal was to try something new Families enjoyed workshops and activities ranging from car maintenance to jewellery making and digital photography to willow work.



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