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As part of the Nythe Saturday Academy we ran a ScrapX Challenge.

Learning becomes really powerful when you can transfer skills, knowledge and experience you have used to solve one problem to solve a different problem.   We used the skills and techniques we have shared  to make rockets, tanks, chickens, bugs, theatres, dragons, kites, tents etc. to build a vehicle.   We are planning to share our designs with Honda and are currently working hard to build our contacts with Honda.  

Also we are planning to exhibit our models in a public venue so that we can show more people our achievements.    We are working with Swindon Collaborative Partnership to achieve this. and our local M.P for Swindon. Anne Snelgrove, calling for easier access to unused commercial spaces. This is part of the Governmentís drive to keep towns vibrant and to use empty shop spaces in an innovative and exciting way.  

Scrapathon, is creating with scrap.

We often donít have the time, space and materials to play with our children at home and this sort of activity gives parents and children an opportunity to play and learn together. The interaction between Dads and their children is as amazing as the monsters and space ships that are created. Run as part of the North Wiltshire Festival and at St. Peter's School during Family Learning Weekend children and their families have created puppet theatres, rockets, dolls house furniture and boats all  from scrap materials. Parents experience teaching children and children teach the  parents!  They learn about physics, music and  art.  They use all their senses.  Children and adults learn to  make mistakes, hold back, hint and nudge, stimulate and support each others ideas. They have a go.  They  become resilient learners together.

Workshops can be run as a single event or as part of a larger family learning event.


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