Family Story Boxes and Shields at St Paul


Family Story Boxes and Shields at St Paul's

Having participated in 'A Box of Delights' during National Family Learning Weekend, some parents from St. Paul's primary school said 'Why can't we do that' and so was created 'We Can Do It' a Family Learning Event held at St. Paul's for the children and families of the school.  130 people attended, totally 48 families.  

Families enjoyed a hearty breakfast together before parents attended a short seminar on learning styles and improving children's learning, whilst the children had the activity explained to them.

Then parents re-joined their children to build their family story box or shield.  Families were encouraged to try out new listening and learning skills or to refresh existing skills.  This event was able to give families the opportunity to stop and listen to each other, to share family stories together and to have a go, make mistakes and prove that they could do it.  All skills that have been proven to be the foundations of lifelong learning.

After the activity was completed, families could use the school's IT suite to use software to investigate their preferred learning styles.

In addition parents and carers were told about further family learning courses running at the school including the Workers' Educational Association course 'Living and Working with the Under 8's'.

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