Learning Attitude Survey


Learning Attitude Survey

With the help of funding from North Wilts and Kennet Local Learning Partnership the St. Peter's School Campaign for Learning was launched in January 2001. The aim of the project was to make learning a positive habit in the wider school community through understanding and appreciating children's and parents' attitudes towards learning, developing a lifelong learning culture and supporting families in learning together.

The project started with an attitude survey sent to all parents. A 44% response rate indicated that parents, despite in some cases having a negative attitude to their own school experiences, wanted to be involved in their children's learning as well as take up learning opportunities for themselves.

It would be naive to think this was representative of all parents' attitudes towards learning. It merely indicates that there are significant numbers to develop the project further in the belief that the barriers to learning faced by some families can be slowly broken down to provide learning opportunities for all.

Below is a copy of the survey document used.

St. Peters’ School Campaign For Learning

Please tick where appropriate and add any comments that you may feel will be helpful.









No. of children in primary education


(Reception and Infants)




No. of grandchildren in primary education


(Reception and Infants)



Please indicate level of Education you have experienced.




Please indicate on the form one of the following codes to indicate your ethnic origin:

01 – Bangladeshi

06 – East African

02 – Black African

07 – Indian

03 – Black Caribbean

08 – Pakistani

04 – Black other

09 – White

05 – Chinese

10 – Other

Please indicate on the form the following code that broadly describes your current occupation:

01 - Housewife/Homemaker

05 – Manager (own business, under 250 staff)

02 – Teaching/Lecturer

06 – Skilled Worker/Tradesperson

03 – Senior Manager/Professional

07 – Manual/Factory Worker

04 – Office/Retail Worker

08 – Other

Do you have a computer at home?



Are you connected to the Internet?



Please turnover and complete the survey overleaf.

Tick one box only for each statement. Complete all statements.

Strongly Agree




Strongly Disagree

With all the pressures of home and work there is little time to just play with the children.

School put me off learning for life.

Training and courses for me are too expensive.

There is no time to learn anything new.

Results and qualifications are everything in today’s competitive society.

The national curriculum enables me to know exactly how well my child is doing.

Television and computers are to blame for the lack of communication in families.

Teachers are trained to teach the children. Parents should not interfere.

School was a good experience for me.

We like learning things together as a family.

The national curriculum is not designed to cater for individual ways of learning.

Parents as well as teachers should set a good example about learning.

Nowadays teaching in schools seems to concentrate on just getting results.

My children seem to enjoy school more than I did.

Children need to be directed from an early age to succeed.

I’m too old to learn anything new now.

I’m not clever enough to help my child with what they are learning at school.

I find teachers easy to talk to.

I enjoy learning for its own sake.

I cannot find suitable training courses.

I can do my job well. I don’t need to learn anything new.

My attitude to school has rubbed off on the children.

Children have a lot of pressure put on them from an early age to succeed.

Bits of paper are no good. Experience is what counts.

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