History of Matchstick Puzzles

These are derived from matchstick puzzles popular from the time when candles and gas lighting meant that almost everyone carried a small box of matches with them. As a pastime, many would know of examples of these lateral thinking puzzles.

We can supply pre-made kits of matchstick puzzles with full instructions and safe sticks - they make an ideal activity for a club! Contact us for more details of prices and ordering details.

If you want to give these puzzles to children to try, please avoid using live matches. Toothpicks are much safer!

Solutions are given to each puzzle but remember - you will get much more from solving the puzzle yourself rather than from just being told the solution, and they do all have a solution.

The puzzles are not all solved in the same way, they require a bit of lateral thinking and in fact are a good way of exercising different parts of your brain and different thinking styles.

To see the solutions, simply click on the puzzle title

Why not give them a go!
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