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The Learning Tree Project

Is a primary school based series of community learning activities.


We all know that learning can change our lives at home, at work and in our communities, but it never seems to be: 

bulletThe right time
bulletThe right place
bulletThe right course

Taking control of your own learning through the creation of a learning community can help to break through these barriers and enable you to achieve success in your learning and your families learning.


The Learning Tree has grown from a project developed at St. Peterís Primary School in Chippenham Wiltshire.  Started in 2000 and funded by the North Wiltshire and Kennet Local Learning Partnership the aim of the project is: ĎTo make learning a positive habit for everyone for life in our community.í

This is being achieved through:

bulletUnderstanding and appreciating children and adultís attitudes towards learning.
bulletDeveloping a lifelong learning culture in our community.
bulletSupporting families in learning together.

What has been achieved so far?

bulletParticipation in the North Wiltshire and Kennet Local Learning Partnership.
bulletFunding from the Local learning Partnership.
bulletA survey on attitudes to learning in our school community.
bulletThe Learning tree workshop and assembly helping to establish learning skills for life.
bulletA Day of Creativity for all the family run as part of the National Campaign for Learning - Family Learning Weekend.
bulletA weekend Mosaic workshop run at school for adults.
bulletI.T. courses for adults run by Wiltshire College using the primary school computers at a time and place adults want.

How can you help to achieve a learning community?

The Learning Tree Project has been established by the Local Learning Partnership to help widen participation in learning through supporting others in creating a learning community similar to the one being established at St. Peterís School.

As individuals or as part of an existing group such as a parent teacher association or any other community group the Learning Tree can support you in :

bulletMembership of the Local Learning Partnership.
bulletSecuring funding for learning activities.
bulletIdentifying attitudes to learning and learning needs in your community.
bulletDeveloping family learning events.
bulletPromoting learning how to learn for life.

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If you would like to learn more about creating a learning community please email or click here to contact us.

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